Where Are You Going To Find Electric Fireplace Mantels One Year From This Year?

Where Are You Going To Find Electric Fireplace Mantels One Year From This Year?

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Electric Fireplace Mantels

Electric fireplace mantels are available in many styles to suit your home. They can be hung on or placed in the wall and some can even be moved around for added flexibility.

The first thing you need to consider is size. You need to select a mantel that complements the dimensions of your fireplace but not one that looks out-of-place or is too large.


A mantel is an excellent way to dress up an electric fireplace. It adds a classic look that can be adapted to various styles of decor. You can choose between metal, stone, or wood to construct your mantel. The material you choose will determine the appearance of your fireplace and the overall design of your room.

One important factor to consider when selecting a mantel is size. You want to ensure that the mantel is large enough for the fireplace and fits comfortably in the living area. If the mantel is too small, it will appear out of proportion to the fireplace and could make your space feel cramped. If you're not sure of the size mantel you should get you can look online at photo galleries to get ideas.

You should also think about the height of the mantel when determining the size. The ideal mantel height is 12 inches higher than your firebox. This will let you see the flames clearly and prevent accidental burns from scattered embers. It will also protect your wall from damage.

After you've decided the size of your fireplace, you can begin thinking about what you want to do with it. A few popular options include vase frames, picture frames, and framed art. These can help you create an elegant design and will look attractive long-term. But, it's important to keep in mind that the weight of these products can cause the shelf to collapse over time. It is best to choose lighter items to prevent this. You can also make use of decorative features such as corbels to lessen the amount of weight on the shelves.

Standard electric fireplaces can be mounted on a wall. They are an excellent choice for a living room or bedroom. They are easy to install and can be set up in many different ways. Some models have a simple remote control. The open flame isn't hazardous to pets or children.

Thermostat Control

Thermostat control options on these devices allow you to control the heat from close or from a distance. Some of them offer timer settings that range from 15 minutes to nine hours, so you can set the fireplace to turn off at a pre-determined time. Some let you operate the fireplace using a remote, making it simple to turn it on or off when you are not home.

Faux electric fireplaces are an excellent way to add a touch of elegance without having to worry about fire safety or chimney maintenance. The majority of fireplaces are powered by electricity and don't require vents, which makes them easy to put anywhere in your home. The low operating cost can will save you money on your energy bills.

Some models even have built-in nature sounds that can create a cozy environment to your home. Some models will simulate a storm with rain and thunder sounds, while others will play a grassy field sound effects to create the feeling of being outdoors. Other options include ocean waves that crash and create a sense of tranquility, or chirping bird sounds to unwind and relax.

Adding an electric fireplace to your living room can create an inviting ambiance all year long. In the summer, you can make use of the fireplace as an accent piece to enhance a room's decor with the flickering flame effect. In winter, you can utilize the heat to provide additional warmth and comfort.

Many electric fireplaces are cool to the touch. This means they are safe to use anywhere in your home. You can put decorative items like a tray for catch-alls, a simple vase, or even a fashionable mirror on top of the mantel for a decorative feature. You can pair this with a comfy rug or chair to create a relaxing space. You can also access the remote control from a distance and set the temperature and lighting settings to your liking. The controls are easy to operate and the LED display floating on the screen displays temperature settings, unit functionality and more. The remote control comes with a CR2025 pre-installed and can be operated anywhere in the home.

Heat Output

Unlike traditional gas and wood fireplaces electric mantel fireplaces do not require venting. They can be positioned on any flat surface and don't emit smoke or fumes. This allows you to create a fireplace for your home without costly modifications and installation costs.

The best electric fireplaces provide sufficient heat for large areas, and they can be operated from a distance by a remote control. Some models have multiple flame colors, and flickering embers for an authentic fire experience. Others use the unique technique of water vapor to create some of the most realistic looking flames on the market. This technology also lets you alter the brightness, speed of flame, and color of the embers for a more personalized appearance.

Electric fireplaces are popular for their aesthetic appeal. However, they also provide many other advantages. They can improve the overall ambiance of your living space, and some even include a built-in fan for added comfort. In addition, an electric fireplace can help you save money on heating bills since it doesn't require constantly to keep your home warm.

Most electric fireplaces come with mantels which can be used to display knick-knacks or artwork. Some mantels are made from solid wood, while others are made from materials like sandstone and faux stone. These materials allow you to find the perfect design for your home, and they're durable enough to withstand normal wear and wear and tear. Some fireplaces are equipped with an integrated TV shelf, which makes them a great entertainment center.

Consider adding an electric fireplace that has a mantel in your bedroom or living space. These models can be mounted against any wall, and are designed to look similar to a real gas or wood burning fireplace. The majority of these models are available in various dimensions and styles that complement any design.

Start by measuring the size of your living space If you are thinking of buying an electric fireplace with a mantel. This will allow you to determine the best size of fireplace that could fit in your space. Choose if you want a portable fireplace that can be moved around the room or a more stationary unit that is reminiscent of a traditional fireplace complete with a mantel. Once you've determined these details, it's time to start shopping!


Electric fireplaces that have mantels work by heating the air in the room, unlike traditional fireplaces which utilize gas or wood. This is accomplished by series of coils and fans that draw in cool air, heat it and then blow it into the room. They also have a modern look that suits most homes.

Based on the model you choose the model you choose may have an appearance of stone or a wood mantel. Some models allow you to adjust the flames color, brightness and speed. Certain models have thermostats that allow you to control the temperature of your room. Some models are equipped with shelves built-in that let you display family photos and other items.

Fireplaces like these can add warmth and ambience to your home without the burden of cleaning up ash or burning wood. They are easy to install and can be installed in any room in the house. Many models can be wall-mounted or set on a stand or table. Some models come with a touch screen that allows you to control the unit from your chair.

If you are seeking a more stylish option, consider an actual stone mantel with veneer. This type of fireplace is more expensive however it can enhance the value of your home. It can also serve as a focal point for the room and provide a place to display artwork, photos, or other personal items.

Another popular style is a faux stone-effect electric fireplace. They come in a variety of colors and can be matched with any decor. They are particularly suitable for rooms with dark furniture, since the light coming from the fireplace will highlight any artwork or other items.

The mantel of an electric fireplace can be easily moved. This is ideal for rental properties, like apartments, condos and other rental properties. This makes it easy to wall mounted electric fireplace use the concept of Zone Heating, where you only heat the rooms you occupy. This is a more energy-efficient way to heat your home than a fireplace that heats the entire house.

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